How to Hide Your Refrigerator Side Gaps

Sarah Schreiber

It's frustrating to drop an item on the floor only to have it roll into one of the side gaps next to your refrigerator. Covering your refrigerator side gaps not only prevents this from happening, it adds an attractive element to your kitchen as well. One of the easiest solutions for hiding the side gaps is to install molding. Choose something decorative that creates the effect of a frame on two sides of the appliance.

Hide refrigerator side gaps with molding.

Step 1

Measure the height next to the refrigerator, starting at the floor and extending to the point where the side gaps stop.

Step 2

Select a suitable molding for your kitchen style. Simple 1-inch by 4-inch pieces of wood work for a minimalist effect, while crown or fluted moldings give the space an elegant, high-end appeal. You can also find moldings with intricate carvings for a more formal look.

Step 3

Cut two pieces of moldings to the height of your earlier measurement using a scroll saw or jigsaw.

Step 4

Sand the area where you made the cut to smooth out the surface by rubbing fine-grit sandpaper back and forth across the rough area.

Step 5

Stand a cut molding piece upright and place it flush against the wall of the refrigerator enclosure. Position the wood so it’s directly against the side of the refrigerator, hiding the side gap. Nail it into place with molding nails. Place the nails at the rate of one every foot, starting at the area near the floor. Repeat this process on the other side to finish hiding the gaps.

Step 6

Paint or stain the molding pieces. You may opt to paint them the same color as the surrounding refrigerator enclosure or go for a traditional trim color such as white.