How to Replace the Adaptive Defrost Control Board in a Maytag Refrigerator

Maytag frost-free refrigerators automatically remove the frost that accumulates on the evaporator coils using a defrost heater that is located below the coils.

The heater is controlled by either an analog timer or a circuit board called an adaptive defrost control board. The board controls the defroster's function, turning on the defrost heater every few hours as needed. If you know that both the defrost heater and thermostat in your Maytag refrigerator are working, but frost and ice are nonetheless forming on the evaporator coils, you must replace the adaptive defrost control board.

Unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet.

Open the refrigerator door, then remove the contents from the top shelf. Remove the top shelf by lifting the front up, then removing the shelf.

Remove the control housing cover at the top of the fresh food compartment by pulling the cover forward to loosen it, then pulling down and forward on the slots in the rear corner of the cover.

Remove the light bulbs by unscrewing them from the sockets.

Remove the control dial from your Maytag refrigerator by removing the screws from the rear of the dial, then pulling the dial off of the front of the control housing.

Remove the screw or screws from the rear of the control housing, beside the water filter assembly.

Loosen the two screws securing the control panel to the roof of the refrigerator. Slide the entire control panel of the Maytag refrigerator to the right to pass the screws through the keyhole slots, then lower the panel.

Pull the adaptive defrost control board out of the right-rear portion of the top of the control panel. If necessary, remove the screws securing it into place.

Pull the wire harness off of the adaptive defrost control board, then remove the board.

Connect the wire harness to the new adaptive defrost control board, then insert it into the control panel housing. Secure the board to the housing of the Maytag refrigerator using the screws that you removed, if applicable.

Reassemble the control housing by reversing the steps taken to disassemble it.

Replace the refrigerator shelving, then close the refrigerator door.

Restore power to the Maytag refrigerator to complete the replacement of the adaptive defrost control board.

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