How to Get Lime Deposits Off Bathroom Fixtures

Traces of calcium and magnesium in household water leave bathroom fixtures subject to limescale deposits. Also known as mineral deposits, limescale deposits take the form of white buildup on bathroom fixtures. This white buildup intensifies soap scum and makes the need for cleaning more frequent. Neglecting to address limescale deposits allows the minerals to permeate bathroom fixtures and mar their appearance. Get lime deposits off bathroom fixtures before the minerals become harder to deal with.

Limescale deposits cause stainless steel sink fixtures to become dull.
  1. Moisten clean cotton balls with vinegar. Place the vinegar-soaked cotton balls inside the openings of tub and sink faucet spouts. Don't push the cotton balls too far back into the faucets.

  2. Dip 2-inch-wide strips of paper toweling in the white vinegar. Wrap these strips around the tub and sink faucet spouts as well as the faucet handles. Leave the vinegar-soaked cotton balls and paper towel strips alone for one hour to let the vinegar dissolve the limescale deposits.

  3. Remove the cotton balls and paper towel strips from the bathroom fixtures. Wipe the loosened limescale deposits and vinegar off the fixtures using clean paper towels.