Microwave Bacon Cookers That Are Made Out of Glass

Jennifer Eblin

Microwave bacon cookers let you cook bacon quickly and effortlessly in your microwave oven. While most devices feature plastic pieces, glass cookers are also available. The type of microwave cooker you buy varies depending on how many pieces of bacon you need cooked at one time. Cook bacon in the microwave faster than you could using a skillet and stove.

Hanging Devices

Cook raw bacon quickly in a microwave.

Hanging devices cook bacon vertically and consist of multiple parts. The bottom piece features a shallow glass dish with raised edges. The other pieces resemble small racks, either shaped like a "V" or shaped like a small rectangle that sits on an angle. You slide the racks into the shallow dish and the raised edges keep the racks from falling over. Each piece of bacon lays flat on the rack, and the dishes cook up to eight pieces of bacon at a time. As the bacon cooks, the grease and fat drip off and fall into the attached pan.

Flat Cookers

Depending on the manufacturer, you may see flat cookers referred to as bacon racks. The racks resemble small glass grill pans. The pans have a square, round or oval shape with raised ridges along the bottom. You lay the bacon pieces flat on top of the ridges, and the bacon stays flat during cooking. The fat drips into the base of the pan. Bacon racks typically cook fewer pieces of bacon, because the pans are smaller and cannot accommodate a large number of pieces.


Glass microwave bacon cookers have two major advantages over cooking on the stove. The cookers cook bacon in as little as 60 seconds, versus up to 20 minutes on the stove. When you cook bacon on the stove, the bacon sits in its own fat, making the bacon even greasier. With microwave cooking, the fat settles underneath the meat, making the bacon less fatty. Glass devices withstand more pressure and last longer than similar cookers made from plastic.

Home Remedy

Make your own bacon cooker at home with just a few items from around the house. Place a small plate upside down on a larger glass plate and cover with paper towels. Arrange the bacon strips on top of the paper towels and cook for 60 seconds. Remove the bacon, flip the strips and cook for another 60 seconds. Repeat the process until the bacon cooks through. The fat soaks into the paper towels and drains down to the larger plate.