Decorating Ideas for a Kitchen With Blonde Cabinets

Blonde kitchen cabinetry can either be the star or fade into the background when designing a kitchen.

When the color palette is completely open, as it is if you inherit blonde kitchen cabinets, your choices can be overwhelming. Your first decision is the style you're going for with your design. Blonde opens the door to a myriad of decorating styles, and your decision is which one you want to live with for a long time.

Festive and Youthful

If they don't have them already, remove the solid, blonde doors to the cabinets and replace them with multi-paned glass doors. This opens them up to reveal the blonde within the cabinet, especially if you install interior cabinet lighting. Working down, your backsplash and countertop must coordinate. Golden lightning granite, with its blonde graining over a sea of green and bronze, or a darker version known as Kerala green granite, add depth to the design. Chartreuse and bronze subway tiles add a festive touch to the backsplash, or go for a modest look with blonde tiles inset with green medallions. Flooring in blonde, distressed laminate or large porcelain tiles completes the design. Paint choices can range from neutral to latte to a feature wall in chartreuse accompanied with side walls in fawn.

Sophisticated Elegance

Countertops in black galaxy granite lend a look of sophistication to a kitchen, especially when coupled with blonde cabinetry. Let the countertop take the lead in your color scheme, and let the color of the cabinets become secondary. A tumbled marble backsplash in the lighter colors to coordinate with the cabinets and set on a diagonal unite the upper portion of the kitchen. Choose paint that matches the cabinets. Flooring should also match the cabinets, or you can lay slate or laminated or engineered wood. A punch of color with red or teal countertop accessories brings the kitchen to life, and if a highlight color is chosen, you may consider painting a feature wall the same color.

Modern Urban

Corian, soapstone or sandstone countertops in colors that closely resemble the blonde of the cabinets begin a monochromatic color scheme. The modern urban look is clean, sleek and unadorned. Tile the backsplash in a high gloss finish or extend the countertop up the wall -- both create a single vision. Go a few shades darker than the cabinets when painting the walls in an enamel finish. Stay muted in the flooring color, laying distressed blonde laminate or porcelain tiles resembling wood planks. Stainless steel appliances and countertop accessories tie into the modern urban theme.

In the Background

The understated look of blonde cabinetry lends them to disappearing in the background, if that's what you wish. Install brushed aluminum hardware on all the doors, and start shopping for a complete kitchen suite of stainless steel appliances. Countertops in slate or gray granite such as black meteorite satin or exciting black mosaic satin, with its petrified stones and pebbles, take center stage, and a slate or gray tile floor completes the look. Bring color into the scheme with latte or mocha walls.