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Frigidaire Washing Machine Is Pausing During Cycles

Christie Gross

Pausing during wash cycles is a relatively normal action exhibited by certain Frigidaire washing machines. A washing machine may pause to allow time for various components to transition to a different role. Only if the pause occurs for an extended period of time or multiple times before the washer initiates the next cycle should a pausing action be a sign of trouble.

Wash Load Sensing Feature

A Frigidaire washing machine will sometimes pause almost immediately after you press the "Start" button to activate a wash cycle so it can sense the wash load size. On certain models that have an automatic load size sensor, you might hear the agitator move for a short time, which is usually followed by a brief pause before filling. In this case, the brief stoppage of movement enables the washer to sense the load size before it starts the fill cycle.

Agitator Directional Changes

A top-loading Frigidaire washing machine often pauses in between starts and stops of motion made by the agitator. The pause allows time for the transition to shift into a different gear and for the motor to initiate the next action of the drum. The pauses are frequently heard during the agitation cycle when the agitator reverses its motion to circulate clothes for washing.

More Drain Time

Depending on the amount of water and suds in the washing machine, a Frigidaire washing machine might pause to allow more time to drain before it transitions to the spin cycle. When a washer pauses during draining, the drain remains open, but the wash cycle doesn’t progress until the washing machine determines that enough water and soap has drained. If the washing machine over-suds, however, the additional drain time might not be sufficient to alleviate the excess suds. After two or three consecutive pause periods, a Frigidaire washing machine might stop without finishing a complete wash cycle. If the washer prematurely stops, restart the wash cycle from the beginning, but do not put any more detergent in the washer.

Clogged Drain

If the washing machine pauses during draining for longer than one minute and the pause is accompanied by a gurgling sound, your Frigidaire washing machine’s drain might be blocked. Open the washing machine to see whether soap and water are inside the washtub. If it appears that the washer’s draining ability is limited, turn off the washer. Review the Frigidaire washing machine for manual draining instructions. After you drain the washer, turn to the manual again for basic clog removal instructions, or contact a Frigidaire service technician to inspect the washer’s drain for an obstruction, and have the technician remove the debris if necessary.