The Karcher Washer Is Leaking

Karcher pressure washers are high-powered cleaning tools that use a strong blast of water to clean hard surfaces such as home exteriors, cars, driveways, decks and sidewalks. The pressure washers can be used with or without cleaning solution and are an environmentally friendly choice for cleaning large surfaces. If the washer is leaking, troubleshooting the Karcher washer can usually restore normal function and use.

Spray Wand

Disconnect the spray wand if the Karcher power washer is leaking and then insert the spray wand firmly into the trigger holder. Push the spray wand in slightly until you can feel tension against the internal spring and then turn the spray wand clockwise until locked into position. If the spray wand is loose, water can leak.

Wand Inserts

If the washer continues to leak, disconnect the spray wand again and look inside. If the plastic insert or the O-ring inside the spray wand is missing, damaged or broken, the wand cannot operate correctly. Contact Karcher for replacement parts.

Hose Connections

Another potential source of leaks is the water hose connection to the Karcher washer. Tighten the hose connection at the water valve as well as on the power washer. If the water is leaking from the hose despite tight fittings, disconnect the hose and look inside. If the water seals are damaged or worn out, the seals will need to be replaced.

Thermal Protection

The power washer is programmed to shut off automatically and reset if the unit overheats. This may cause water to leak due to the sudden shutoff. Wait for the power washer to reset, and make sure the unit is plugged into a grounded, dedicated outlet and nothing is blocking the appliance and obstructing power or air flow. Contact Karcher if the power washer continues to shut off automatically due to overheating, as the motor may need service.

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