How to Fix a Maytag Washer That Won't Cycle

The Maytag brand of washing machines comes in a variety of models and features. While Maytag is a reliable brand, issues can occasionally occur, which require service. One such problem is when the machine won’t change cycles, such as going from the wash cycle to the rinse cycle. Some common troubleshooting techniques can correct this problem.

OD Error Code

If your washing machine won’t cycle through and you are getting an “OD” error code on the display, the washing machine is detecting an open door.  The washing machine won’t switch cycles if its door is open.

To fix the error, press the “Start/Pause” button pausing the current cycle, and open the washer door and shut it firmly.  This should cause the error message to disappear.

If it doesn’t, turn the power off resetting the washer. 

Circuit Breaker and Fuses

If your Maytag washing machine isn’t changing cycles and isn’t giving you an error code, then it could mean the washer’s fuses blew or a circuit breaker tripped.  Maytag washers come with one or two time-delay fuses.

If one of them goes out, the washer won’t change cycles.  You can order new fuses and replace them yourself with little trouble.

Check the circuit breaker at the main panel. 

Wrong Cycle

If you notice that the washing machine isn’t changing cycles when you think it should, check to make sure that it wasn’t accidentally set on a soak cycle.  If it was set at such a cycle, the machine won’t change cycles right away, as it allows the clothes to soak for several minutes in between each cycle.

Pressing the “Start/Pause” button and then switch the type cycle it is set at if the current one isn’t what you originally intended. 


When trying to figure out what is causing the problem with your Maytag washer, call the Maytag customer service if you’re in doubt.  Anything you do to fix your machine yourself may invalidate the warranty.

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