Lounge Chairs for Bad Backs

The chronic back problems that plague many people can be relieved at least in part by choosing different chairs -- even those designed for lounging. A simple change in sitting or reclining posture can ease joint stress and relieve back pain.


People with back problems need to choose their chairs carefully.

Ergonomics is the science of adapting work environments to best address people's safety, comfort and efficiency. NASA astronaut posture studies in 2003 concluded that neutral body postures in weightless environments favored a range-of-motion preference and not one single posture. None of the test subjects chose a typical chair posture based on 90-degree angles for knee and back placement.


Based on NASA test results, ergonomic chairs such as the ErgoLounger offer several range-of-motion positions, and supports for the head, neck and back. This lounge chair provides gentle, passive vertebrae stretching to relieve pressure on nerves and backs. It accommodates face-up or face-down positions. Although it is generally used as an outside lounge chair, it is also recommended for back patients and post-surgery comfort. ErgoLounger.com notes that the lounge chairs are recommended by doctors and chiropractors.

Zero-Gravity Recliners

The Perfect Chair is one of the models in the Zero-Gravity line of chairs. It is a leather lounge chair that is designed for inside the home. Its multiple adjustments place the body in a position similar to NASA’s weightless studies. The Human Touch massage chair is another model in the Zero-Gravity line. It massages the neck, back and legs while delivering heat to the lumbar region. The calf massager rolls in waves away from the feet toward the heart to increase circulation.

Eco Backrest Lounge Chair

The Eco Backrest lounge chair is adjustable to six range-of-motion positions, and includes armrests and pillows for the neck and lower back. It is a spine-neutral lounge chair that mimics the effects of weightlessness. With an optional desk, called the TiltSeat, the Eco transforms to a work station that can be used on the floor, bed or couch. It is designed to accommodate personal preference or comfort for working or resting while on your back or on your stomach.