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Kenmore Freezer Operational Error E6

James Young

Kenmore's best home appliances often include LCD displays that identify operational steps, give helpful tips and display error codes when faults arise. Owner's manuals sometimes give owners clues about the meaning of error codes, but only Kenmore technicians can interpret all the codes. The marketing system employed by Sears' Kenmore brand complicates the issue, because many different companies manufacture appliances sold under the Kenmore name. Ask a Kenmore expert at the Manage My Life website for the exact diagnosis.

Best Answer

A freezer from the Kenmore Elite series, one of the newest Kenmore product lines at the time of publication, might display the letter "E" and the number "6" in sequence but not together on the same screen. This pattern only emerges if an "operational error" occurs when the freezer's temperature equals 6 degrees Fahrenheit. The number changes as the temperature drifts. The letter "E" indicates a problem that requires the expertise of a qualified technician, according to the Kenmore Elite Freezer Use and Care Guide. A beep from the control panel every five seconds accompanies the warning. Pressing "Alarm Reset" stops the beep.

Other Possibilities

Because many different manufacturers might have produced Kenmore products, the exact error display and the code's meaning can vary from model to model within a product line. Consulting the owner's manual can help you define the issue, but Kenmore manuals sometimes offer only generic advice. Querying the company's website with a description of the problem and the freezer's model number can narrow the possibilities. Some definitions that apply to other Kenmore appliances might also apply to Kenmore freezers. While "E6" error code issues sometimes require replacement parts, in other cases the code indicates a problem that resolves through a simple procedure.

Hard Resets

Faulty programming or sudden surges on a power line can cause the control circuitry of modern appliances such as Kenmore freezers to malfunction. Restarting the system can sometimes restore normal function but can also require a complete step-by-step reprogramming as described in the owner's manual. Quickly turning the product off and then on again might not restart the system. Unplugging the appliance for two to five minutes allows capacitors in the circuit to discharge completely and removes all power from the circuitry, enabling a hard reset. Plugging the freezer back in and following the setup instructions precisely might clear the error code.

Other Possibilities

In many Kenmore appliances, the "E6" code refers to a control failure. If the freezer control panel includes a "Cancel" key, an "E6" error message might mean the "Cancel" button stuck in either the open or closed position. Holding the "Cancel" key down too long can also generate this error message. Kenmore appliances might combine the error code "F2" with "E6," indicating a failure of the control board. An "E6" code can signify a malfunction in other parts of the control interface as well as the keyboard. If a hard reset doesn't return the freezer to normal, the freezer needs service by a professional.