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What Is a D5 Code on a GE Profile Washing Machine?

John Vann

The GE Profile washing machine is a consumer appliance meant for everyday laundering. As a service to consumers and repair technicians, the unit includes a built-in error code system meant to uncover and broadcast any malfunctions. These error codes, which come in the form of a letter and a number, each represents a different mechanical or electrical error within the washing machine.


Errors that occur within the inner workings of your GE Profile washing machine appear on the unit's display screen for easy diagnostics. If your washing machine is experiencing problems but not correctly displaying an error code, you can initiate an error code test. Do this by holding the "Wash/Rinse" and "Spin Speed" buttons then pressing the "Power" button. Once in test mode, use the "Cycles" button to locate the error code test, also known as T8.

D5: Lid Switch Error

The "D5" error code on a GE Profile washer indicates a lid switch malfunction. This is not to be confused with the lid switch failure error although both are critical errors.

Troubleshooting a Lid Switch Error

Fix the "D5" error by powering off the unit, waiting several minutes then powering it back on. If this does not clear the "D5" error, an authorized service technician will need to be contacted.

Other Error Codes

Error codes "E1" through "E8" all indicate a specific critical error, commonly fixable by removing the power cord from the wall, waiting for a moment then plugging it back in. A repair technician will need to be contacted if this doesn't resolve the issue. The "E9" error code indicates a malfunction in the Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, or EEPROM, which will render the unit inoperable until serviced by an authorized technician. Error codes "D1" through "D3" also indicate specific critical errors and can all be diagnosed in the same fashion as other error codes. The "D4" error, signaling a faulty thermistor, is the only non-critical error displayed by the unit.