What Color Would You Paint Your Walls When Remodeling a Kitchen With Copper Accessories?

Showcase your copper accessories by selecting a cool or neutral wall color that acts as foil for the warm glow of the metal.

Choose from natural neutrals, soft tints or cool blues and greens for a stylish and welcoming copper-accented kitchen. Copper instantly adds an element of warmth and an impression of quality. Long preferred by the finest chefs, copper cookware speaks to a love of cooking and cuisine. The color you choose for the walls forms a complementary backdrop to highlight the natural beauty of the metal.

Use Subtle Neutral

A neutral background is ideal for copper, making bright white, cream or rich vanilla a color option on kitchen walls. White walls support either a traditional or a contemporary look. Good light is important in an efficient kitchen, and light-colored walls reflect both natural and artificial illumination. White always looks clean, which is important to most cooks.

The distinctive natural color of copper harmonizes with other natural tones. Neutrals such as gray, taupe, linen or putty are effective in combination with copper. These colors look attractive with white cabinets and woodwork, providing a bit of contrast, and adding depth by highlighting architectural features of the space.

Another way to use a neutral in combination with copper is to paint an accent wall in a darker color such as pewter or cocoa brown and to paint the remaining walls white. This approach is especially dramatic with white cabinets.

Luscious Color All Around

If you enjoy being surrounded with beautiful color, consider painting the walls in hues of green or blue-green, which are complementary colors to the orange or red-orange tones of copper. Cool tones of blue balance the warmth of copper accessories for a sophisticated, stylish look. If you prefer warmer colors, such as yellows and oranges, add white to form tints, so that they relate to, but do not compete with, your copper.


Avoid warm colors that are too vivid or too close to the natural color of copper, because not only will they not match, they will distract from the rich glow of the metal.

Cabinet Decisions

Kitchen cabinet color plays a key role in making a successful wall color selection. By choosing a color that blends with the walls, you create an open, unified feeling; choosing a color that creates contrast between the walls and cabinets emphasizes texture and cabinetry finish. Painted cabinets offer many options for pleasing and original color schemes. For example, to emphasize copper accessories, you might paint cabinets and woodwork pale green with white walls for a fresh, appealing look.

Tactile Appeal

To create subtle textural interest, consider painting a faux stone finish on your kitchen walls to recall a classic traditional kitchen. Glossy stripes or a high-gloss sponged pattern on an eggshell-finish wall painted the same color is another option for introducing a subtle pattern to the wall surface.

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