Magic Chef Rice Cooker

Magic Chef Appliance Corp., a division of the Whirlpool brand, produces a range of small home appliances including microwaves, compact refrigerators and rice cookers. A rice cooker uses steam to prepare any variety of rice with consistent results. The automated nature of the machine makes rice cooking simpler and avoids overcooking by continuously monitoring steam levels within the cooker throughout the cooking process. If you regularly prepare rice alongside other dishes, a rice cooker can assist in streamlining your kitchen tasks.

Basic Operation

You can cook more than just rice in your rice cooker.

The Magic Chef rice cooker essentially consists of an inner pot, where you cook the rice, which fits within the larger rice cooker body. An electric element heats water to create steam, which permeates the rice within the inner pot. To cook rice, you simply add the uncooked, washed rice and the corresponding quantity of water. For best results, smooth the rice's surface before starting the cooker. Closing the lid of the rice cooker and plugging it in will automatically start the cooking process.


Before using the rice cooker, check that the outside of the inner pot is clean and dry, without any residue or traces of water. Check the heating plate element as well, wiping off any residue. Fit the inner pot snugly within its housing, making sure that it comes into contact with the heating element. Turn the inner pot clockwise several times to check that it's securely in place. Listen for a "click" when closing the rice cooker's lid. When plugging in the cooker, first insert the plug into the cooker, afterward connecting it to the power outlet.


To maintain your rice cooker in good working condition, follow safety precautions when cleaning the unit. Unplug the cooker and allow it to completely cool before cleaning any surfaces. Once the unit is cool to the touch, remove the lid, inner pot, steam tray and dew collector. Soak them in lukewarm water and wash with a soft, non-abrasive sponge and a mild detergent. To clean the outer housing of the cooker, use a moistened cloth.


The Magic Chef rice cooker, as its name indicates, is intended for preparing various types of rice. However, many rice cooker enthusiasts, including the film critic, Roger Ebert, have discovered the possibility of cooking other foods in basic rice cookers, such as the Magic Chef's straightforward model. According to Ebert, who wrote the book "The Pot and How to Use It," there are recipes involving the rice cooker for such varied dishes as oatmeal, grits and jambalaya. When adapting a Magic Chef rice cooker to prepare other dishes, follow all manufacturer's instructions to avoid any damage or risk of injury.