What Colors Are Good to Paint an Office?

You spend a lot of time in your office. It's your second home. Color does alter and impact mood and your sense of well-being, so choose carefully when you are picking the wall color for your office. If, for whatever reason, you have an aversion to a certain color, do not under any circumstances allow that color to be used in your office because it wil have a negative impact on you.

Warm or Cool

The color of your office is going to have an impact on your mood and productivity.

Avoid muddy colors, such as khaki, and instead pick colors that are warm, such as yellow, or cool and fresh, such as blue. If you use white on the walls, use a warm white rather than a stark, cold white, which can seem sterile and unwelcoming.


Consider the intensity of the color you pick. Yellow is a good hue because it helps you focus and encourages the intellectual process, but you may prefer a soft, soothing buttery yellow as opposed to a bright, intense yellow that is the color of a sunflower. You may tire of that shade quickly.


Blue is a good color for your office because it is associated with clear thoughts, focus, intellect and communication. However, if the blue is too bright or too dark it can be depressing and come across as cold. It all depends on the shade of blue you choose. Blue can be perceived both negatively and positively depending on what you associate it with. A blue sky is a positive symbol, but singing the blues means sadness. If you are moody to begin with, you should avoid blue. However, blue reduces heart rate and blood pressure. If you have a high-stress job, chose a soft blue for your office. Blue promotes creativity and it also keeps you emotionally cool when you're in a heated situation.


Orange strengthens concentration and gives you a sense of purpose, according to those who follow the principles of Feng Shui. Additionally, orange is the color for organization. It can also help boost your creatively. Consequently, orange may be the perfect color for your office. However, it is a bold, strong power color and could be overwhelming and too stimulating. Consider painting just one wall orange.


Take into consideration what goes on in your office. If you are a therapist and want your clients to be calm and relaxed, consider using a shade of purple. Purple is restorative and has a calming effect on people. Purple is linked with healing and meditation and inspires introspection.


Painting your office pink may make you sleepy. A soft pink office is good for nurturing and comforting people. If you are a school counselor, for example, a pink office might work well.

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