Height of a Standard Sink

The height of a standard sink has many variables, including what room the sink is located in. The standard height for a bathroom sink may not be the same as the standard height of a kitchen sink, nor will it be the same height as a sink that is at a wheelchair-accessible height.

Sink Height in a Bathroom

Sink height will vary from room to room.

The sink height in a bathroom will actually vary, as there is no single standard in place for sink height. A sink that is recessed into the counter can be anywhere from 32 to 36 inches in height. Above-counter sinks, or vessel sinks, will vary even more, as different sinks will vary greatly in their overall size and height. Some companies, such as Kohler, recommend that the counter height be adjusted for the sink, so as to keep the sink height within a comfortable range for the user. There is also an additional height known as "back saver," which is set at 35 inches to reduce the need for bending.

Sink Height in a Kitchen

A recessed sink in the kitchen will be at counter height. In a kitchen, counter height can range from as low as 28 inches to as high as 39 inches. Standard kitchen counter height is 36 inches high, but more and more companies are offering customizable heights to match the needs of customers.

Wheelchair-Accessible Sink and Counter Height

Individuals who must use a wheelchair should also be considered when designing a home. According to Leon A. Frechette of Ask Tool Talk, the typical height of an armrest on a wheelchair is 29 inches. Therefore, countertop height would need to be a minimum of 28 inches, but should not be any higher than 34 inches, with 32 inches being the preferred height. A recessed sink should sit at these same heights.

Sink Height for a Bar

Recessed sinks in a bar are typically higher than those found in a kitchen or bathroom. Bar height is the tallest standard counter height, at 42 inches. However, some bars may be shorter at 36 inches or taller at 48 inches.


When designing a space that includes a sink, always choose cabinetry that is at a comfortable height. Then, when the recessed sink is installed, it too, will be at that same comfortable height. When choosing to use a vessel sink, the cabinetry should be somewhat lower to account for the height of the vessel sink in order to retain that same comfortable height.

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