Good Bedroom Colors for Concentration

Tamiya King

Your bedroom -- a calm and relaxing space that sometimes has to serve as your home office -- should reflect your decorative preferences in terms of color and furniture choices. Some hues promote concentration in the bedroom and can easily be added to your decor or included more permanently in the design scheme to create an area that you can both rest and study in.


Orange bedroom walls promote organization and concentration.

Green is the color of vitality and prosperity and symbolizes nature and balance. In a bedroom decorated in green, you'll feel relaxed, but not sedated, and alert enough to concentrate on writing a rough draft for a term paper or finishing up a project for work. According to Leslie Harrington, a color consultant in Old Greenwich Connecticut, a room with green decor is one a person can stay in for long periods, as stated in a Web MD article. You can paint the accent wall a brighter shade of green, like Kelly or lime green, to improve your focus while working in your bedroom, or add green furniture accents to the area like throw pillows or curtains to give the room a modest flair of vibrant inspiration.


If you're incorporating the principles of feng shui into your room, you'll want to include orange to boost your ability to concentrate. Orange is a "yang" color that helps to wake up your creativity and will also prompt you to keep the bedroom organized. It strengthens your concentration and can make you more goal oriented as is lends a sense of purpose to this home space. Add an orange paper weight, clock or desk organizer to the desk in your bedroom, or decorate the desk chair with orange cushions. Orange blinds and orange throw rugs will complement the desk decor well without being too overwhelming.


Contentment, study and concentration are the traits conveyed by the color brown. Painting the walls of your room brown will make finishing the novel you've been reading easier or coming up with new ideas for a slide show presentation. Light brown signifies a genuine nature while dark brown accents, like a nightstand or chest of drawers, is especially earthy and gives an air of common sense.


White symbolizes cleanness and purity, so a bedroom painted white, or with a white desk and bed accents, can help to clear your mind and direct your mental energy towards organizing your budget or writing down your schedule for the week. White goes with everything, so you can further accent the room in the colors of your choice, such as metallics like silver and bronze or jewel tones like fuchsia and eggplant.


According to Web MD, the color red raises the heart rate and promotes activity, which will make concentrating on the task at hand easier. Red can also induce hyperactivity, so stick to red accents like artwork or flower arrangements so that your brain will be stimulated, but you won't have a hard time focusing. The color is also one of passion, making it a favorite bedroom color for couples.