Water Lily Crafts

The water lily is a delicate aquatic plant that blooms large white, yellow, pink or red flowers. The flowers are covered in many petals that surround a bright yellow center. Because of their delicate beauty, water lily flowers make an attractive piece of art. Try creating water lilies through a variety of crafts, forming the decorative flowers to use as accessories or on other craft projects.

Floating Water Lily Craft

Make water lily decorations for a number of uses.

Create floating water lilies and set them in a pool to decorate for a party or in a bowl of water to serve as a table decoration. Cut a flat heart shape out of a foam plate and color it with a green marker to create the lily pad. Create the flower by cutting off the lower end of a foam cup, measuring 1 inch in height. Cut small triangles from the cut end to create the look of rising petals. Fasten the flower to the lily pad with a metal fastener and glue a small, yellow pom-pom over the fastener to create the yellow center.

Plastic Spoon Water Lily Craft

Make a decorative water lily flower out of plastic spoons. Use white plastic spoons for a white flower or colored spoons for a colored flower. Use strong scissors to remove the handle from five plastic spoons, leaving only about 1/4 inch connected to the spoon section. Cut a 3-inch-diameter circle from a piece of sturdy cardboard. Glue the spoons evenly around the outside of the cardboard, gluing down the 1/4-inch of handle that remained. Repeat the process with five more spoons, but angle them upward and glue them slightly closer to the middle part of the cardboard. Repeat again with four more spoons, angling them more upward and closer to the middle. Glue a yellow button into the center of the flower. Cut two leaves from a piece of green felt and glue them to the bottom of the cardboard.

Paper Water Lily Craft

Create a paper water lily and glue it on invitations, gift bags or use it as a brooch by attaching a pin or brooch back. Fold a square piece of origami paper into four sections and then unfold it. Rub glue over the surface of the paper and fold all four corners into the center. Turn the paper over and cover the surface with glue. Fold all four corners into the center again. Turn the paper back over once the glue has dried. Pull the corners of the flaps out, forming petals. Turn it back over and pull the petals, creating the shape of a water lily flower. Create another paper flower and glue it inside the first one, pushing it in to fit. Glue several golden beads in the center. To make it last, brush two coats of varnish over the finished flower.

Clay Water Lily Craft

Make a water lily out of colorful clay and use it to brighten a shelf or wall cubby. Use green to create the lily pads and white or pink for the flowers. Roll the green clay out and use a sharp knife to cut lily-pad shapes. Roll out the colored clay and cut long petal shapes. Push the bottom of the petal shapes together and point the tips upward. Roll a small circle out of yellow clay and put it in the center of the petals. Set the flower onto the lily pad and secure them together by winding thin jewelry wire through them. Set it in the sun to dry.

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