Colors That Neutralize Teal

Teal is a bold blue color that has been combined with green to give it a slightly sea-green appearance. Teal is a color that is often used to describe the colors of the ocean on Caribbean beaches. This pleasant color is frequently used in interior decor. Unfortunately, it can easily overwhelm a room when not combined with the appropriate neutrals.


Teal is a color that is frequently used to describe the color of the ocean on Caribbean beaches.

Khaki is a light, creamy brown. When placed in combination with teal, these two colors make a sophisticated color palette that is appropriate for sunrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. For a more grownup and less intense color scheme, use more khaki than teal. For a more light-hearted color scheme, use more teal than khaki.


Light gray and even silver have a neutralizing effect on teal. This combination works well in bathrooms where teal can be used to evoke images of the sea. Gray and teal, when combined, look like colors of the ocean. To prevent the color scheme from becoming too dark or heavy, add touches of white in the color scheme.


When placed together, cream and teal don't make the most interesting or dynamic combination. However, cream and teal will work together well in nearly any room of the house. This light and simple color scheme can also handle the addition of other shades of blue or green.

Medium Gray-Brown

A darker color to combine with teal, medium gray-brown makes an especially sophisticated color palette, appropriate for larger rooms and more intimate settings like bedrooms. To keep the color palette from becoming too dark, add lighter browns like beige and khaki to the mix.