Types of Floor Coverings You Can Use in a Mobile Home

You can put many of the same floor coverings into a mobile home that you can in your average stationary home. Some less flexible flooring options such as ceramic may require reinforcement of the particleboard floors with plywood and cement board before it can be installed, and in some cases the carpet has to be cut away from the walls of a mobile home before new flooring can be laid down with a simple trim. If in doubt, it's best to contact a professional to find out what you need to do to prep the area correctly for your new flooring.

If you're planning to cover the floors of many rooms in your mobile home at once, consider using different types of materials to create some depth in your home. For example you might consider using tile in the bathroom, laminate in the kitchen and carpets in the living room and bedrooms.


Mobile homes can be more comfortable and attractive with the right flooring.

Quality carpet that is installed correctly can last more than 15 years before it needs to be replaced as long as you take care of it. You can find carpet made from different fibers such as acrylic, wool, polyester and nylon. You can also find both long and short carpet lengths to fit your room's needs.

Carpet generally comes in a rainbow of colors with a price range that varies from about $1 per square foot to more than $15 per square foot. Carpet can get stained and dirt can settle into the fibers, so vacuuming and steam cleaning on a regular basis is necessary.


Hardwood can hold up to spills better than other flooring options like carpet, but it is susceptible to nicks and scars with heavy use. Most hardwood flooring is stained to a color of your choosing, but some people prefer to paint their wood floors with room-matching colors. Hardwood flooring ranges in price from about $10 to more than $20 per square foot.


Laminate flooring is one of the most affordable options on the market as well as one of the easiest to clean. Spilled drinks and food can easily be wiped away without leaving evidence behind. Most laminate flooring is made to look like wood with various patterns and colors to choose from. Prices can range from approximately $2 to $10 per square foot.


Tile is another easy-to-clean flooring option great for homes that see a lot of foot traffic. From plain tiles to elaborate designs and colors, there is something suitable for every room of the house. While time consuming, they can be easily installed by one person if necessary. You can expect to pay anywhere from about $1 to $10 per square foot.

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