Average Width of a Queen-Size Bed

Queen-size beds are slightly wider than full size but the same length as a twin extra long or king-size bed. Queen-size beds will hold one mattress and box spring or a queen split mattress and box spring. There are some advantages to using a queen-size bed. Unless you have a specialty bed set, the bed frame is usually the same size as the mattress.

Queen Size

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The one-piece queen-size mattress and box spring is 60-by-80 inches. Beds are 21 inches wider than a twin bed and 6 inches wider than a full size. Queen beds have 5 inches more length than full- and twin-size beds. Mattress heights vary among mattress types and manufacturers.

Split Queen Bed

Split queen-size bed mattresses are ideal for homes that have tight corners, low ceilings and small doorways. The split queen mattress is two pieces measuring 30-by-80 inches each. The box spring is the same size as the split mattress, both of which are laid down on the bed frame to make one queen-size bed.


Queen-size beds offer more room for two people to sleep. Each person has 30 inches of sleep space. The length is 5 inches longer than a twin or full-sized bed, offering more room for people who need the extra length.

Bed Accessories

Fitted bedsheets for the queen-size mattress are 60-by-80 inches. Flat sheets are 90-by-102 inches, and the two pillowcases are 20 by 30. Queen-size bedsheets also come with two fitted sheets, one flat sheet and two pillowcases for the split queen-size bed. Queen-size pillows for the queen bed measure 20-by-30 inches. Sheet sets come with different pocket sizes to fit different mattress heights. Standard pockets sizes are 7 to 9 inches, deep pockets are 10 to 15 inches and extra deep pockets are 15 to 22 inches.

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