Filter Maintenance for a Samsung Air Conditioner

Samsung air conditioners have reusable filters that you can use repeatedly for the life of the air conditioner. Once your Samsung is installed and in use, you might have questions about how to clean the filter. The first thing you should know is that for best results, you'll want to clean the filter about every two weeks.

Remove Filter

The grille of a Samsung air conditoner is located on the front of the unit.

The filter is located behind the grille on the front of the Samsung air conditioner unit. Slip your hand under the grille tab and pull it open. Slide the grille out from the side or the top of the grille and pull it completely out.

Wash Filter

You must clean the filter before you can reinsert it into the Samsung air conditioner. If the filter is left dirty for too long, the machine can switch off due to airflow problems. Run warm water over both sides of the filter to remove dirt and blockage. As an alternative, you can suck out the dirt with a vacuum cleaner.

Dry Filter

After the filter is clean, confirm that all moisture is removed from the filter before reinsertion. Blot the filter with a clean towel and lay it in the sun until it's fully dry.

Reinsert Filter

Slide the filter back inside the unit and push the grille closed until it clicks into place. After you've reinstalled the filter, you may turn the Samsung air conditioner on.

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