LoveSac Expansion Techniques

Susan Revermann

If you ever come across an extra large bag full of foam that is used as furniture, you have probably come across a LoveSac. These bags are a mix between a bean bag and a lounge chair. The inside bag is full of foam and is protected by a cover. When you first get your LoveSac, you will need to break the foam up and allow it to expand properly to get the most out of the LoveSac. After the initial prep and wait time, you are free to jump, flip and play on the bag.

Removing from Bag

A LoveSac is a larger version of these regular bean bags.

You need to remove the cover and insert from the reusable duffel bag provided from LoveSac. Unwrap the cover, unfold it and spread the material out. There will be a plastic bag protecting the insert. You will need to remove this plastic bag and allow the insert to sit for an hour or so.

Breaking it Up

Once you have let the insert sit, you can move to the next step. You need to break up the foam that is inside the insert. Start from the outer sections and break chunks of the foam apart through the cover. During this part of the expansion process, you will need to flip the LoveSac over several times as you work. You will have to keep breaking the foam pieces until they are approximately two inches in diameter.

Massage and Wait

Once the pieces are broken down into small enough pieces, you will have to massage the foam pieces inside the cover a bit with your hands. This will help even the pieces out and encourage expansion of the individual pieces. After you have thoroughly massage the pieces and flipped the LoveSac over and did the same on the other side, allow the LoveSac to sit for at least 24 hours to allow for more expansion.

Cover and Play

There are several patterns and materials used to make covers for LoveSacs. Part of the fun of owning a LoveSac is picking out the cover. Position the opening of the cover near the LoveSac and work the insert into the cover until you can successfully zip up the cover. Once you have secured the cover on, have some fun with it. Jump on, sit, roll around, flip or do some dive bombs onto it. Not only is the playing fun, it also encourage expansion. The foam takes about two days to fully expand.


Regular fluffing is highly recommended if you want to keep the foam expanded, soft and even. Fluff at least once a week or more by flipping the LoveSac and punching the sides in. This will allow the foam to bounce back into its original size and prevent flattened areas on the LoveSac.