The Best Washers Under $600

A properly functioning washer, or washing machine, can be a beneficial addition to any home, especially in households that go through lots of laundry.

Haier HLP23E

While in general purchasing a washer is quite a large investment, there are inexpensive varieties available for individuals on a budget, or for those do not plan on using their washer frequently. Here are some of the best washers under $600. .

The Haier HLP23E is a compact, top-loading washer which, according to TestFreaks.com, begins in price at around $220, as of 2009. The washer features four water-level settings, four wash cycles, an electronic control board, an LED display panel and an adapter so you can hook it up it to a sink. However, the HLP23E may not be suited to home with lots of occupants and frequent loads of dirty laundry, because it has only 1.46 cubic feet of interior space.

Avanti W797

The Avanti W797, starting in price at about $350 as of 2009, is another one of the best washers under $600. According to TestFreaks.com, the top-loading washer features a rustproof, pulsating bottom, which helps clean clothes and prevent tangles. Also, the W797 is a considerably quiet machine while it is running, except when it is overloaded. With an interior capacity of 2.3 cubic feet, the washer can hold a bit more than the Haier HLP23E.


According to Wize.com, the GE WJRE5500GWW is a washer with a load capacity of 3 1/2 cubic feet, making it one of the largest capacity washers under $600. As of 2009, the washer costs approximately $500. The GE WJRE5500GWW is a quietly operating top-load washer and features five spin cycle speeds and four water level settings.

Bosch WFMC5801UC

The Bosch WFMC5801UC is one of the only front-loading washers to have a list price of under $600. According to TestFreaks.com, as of 2009, the washer starts in price at just about $600. Front-loading washers are more energy efficient than their top-loading counterparts, mainly because they use less water in each wash. While top-loaders must fill their interior drums so that water comes up over the clothes, front-loaders--with their horizontal drums--can spread water throughout the clothes while rotating, which requires much less water. The Bosch WFMC5801UC is Energy Star qualified and comes with a number of features, including an interior thermostat that automatically adjusts water temperatures.

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