Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Around Windows

Updating or changing your kitchen backsplash can create a focal point for your kitchen and give you the modern look you were hoping for, for less.


Typically, a backsplash covers the area of the wall behind a stovetop and, in some cases, behind a counter. To save yourself work later, pick a backsplash that's not only decorative but easy to clean. You'll thank yourself later. .

One of the most common elements from which backsplashes are created, tile can be installed under windows to add an extra bit of color. Tile comes in a range of materials, colors, shapes and sizes. So, you can create almost any design you want with them. If you want to get artistic, break up some ceramic or glass tile and create a mosaic in your color theme. If you don't like the look of glass or ceramic or you're hoping for a quicker fix, try using vinyl tile for your backsplash. It can be cut to size with a utility knife and is applied simply by peeling off the backing and sticking it to the wall.


If you have a short space between your counter and the bottom of the window, you may want to think about continuing your countertop. Countertop materials, like laminate, can be cut and installed as a backsplash. Easy-to-clean, countertop materials also ensure your backsplash matches and doesn't clash.

Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Recycled and reclaimed materials, such as old dishes, broken pottery and pieces of brick can create just the artistic, natural look you want under your window. Lay bricks to look like a brick wall. Make a mosaic out of dishes you loved that got broken, or from the seashells your children collected last summer. Each piece of recycled backsplash can be a memory, a piece of history or a bit of fun. Use whatever materials you want. But, be sure whatever you choose can be cleaned with a countertop cleaner. If it's going behind a stovetop, the material needs to be heat-resistant.


Jazz up your kitchen with an easy-to-clean, patterned wallpaper you love, and make the room truly unique. Like vinyl tile, patterned wallpaper can be cut to size. So, if you want your backsplash to reach higher than the bottom of your window, wallpaper may be the right choice for you.

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