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Color Ideas for Split Level Homes

S. Herlihy

A split-level house is a house where one level is at a differing height than another. Split-levels are often utilized in lots that are not level. Decorating a split-level can pose a challenge because spaces may not be clearly defined and walls may exist in odd places. Fortunately, there are many color schemes that can make a split-level house feel welcoming and warm.

Vivid Hues

Choose vivid colors for the walls to add interest and help define specific spaces. Paint the walls of the living area a bright shade of orange. Decorate the dining room in a racy shade of red to add excitement and life. Brighten the kitchen with a sunny yellow palette. Using bright colors can help one space feel different from another even when there are no walls separating them. Painting the walls in vivid hues can make it easier to see where the dining room ends and the kitchen begins.

Go Neutral

Neutral shades are colors that have very little light. A neutral color scheme can be restful and soothing. Use shades of gray and brown in your split-level home to make the house feel relaxing. Paint the walls in the living room beige and the walls in the dining room gray. A neutral color scheme can help visitors avoid jarring transitions from one area to another. A split-level home can have multiple transitional spaces that lead from one level to the next such as staircases. Using a neutral color scheme can help make one area blend into the next more easily.

A Single Color

Use a single color throughout the house. A single color, such as white, can help make decorative items in the house more prominent. If you have a collection of paintings, using white on the walls can help draw focus to the paintings. A single color scheme need not mean adhering to a single shade. For example, if you go with blue you can use multiple shades of blue to help you define spaces within the house. Using multiple shades of a single color can help unify the entire space and add to the flow of the home from one space to the next.