Brick Home Shutter Colors

Although most bricks appear to be solid in color, they actually have flecks of different colors running through them. It is a good idea to really look at the bricks on your house to see the different colors running through them before choosing a color to paint your shutters. The mortar used around the bricks also should be taken take into consideration when choosing shutter colors.

New England black shutters

White is a safe choice for shutters on red brick houses.

The streets of many New England towns are lined with Colonial-era red brick homes. Many have black shutters traditional for this part of the country. Black contrasts nicely on a red brick home.

Rustic maroon red shutters

A dark maroon red shutter works well with older and darker red bricks that are splattered with white. These are usually called antique bricks because they are a weathered, deeper red from years of being exposed to the elements. Most homes made with this type of brick are older, but some newer homes also are constructed with these used bricks because of the antique look they provide.

Charcoal gray shutters

The color of the mortar between bricks varies greatly among houses. A charcoal gray shutter can complement red brick set with a dark gray mortar. Charcoal gray adds contrast to the red brick and brings out the color of the gray mortar.

Deep chocolate brown shutters

Brown brick can complement shutters that are a darker brown. A deep chocolate brown shutter would go well with a lighter brown or dark tan brick. This color combination will bring out the color of the brick and give the home a warm, rich-looking exterior.

Golden mustard color shutters

Bricks often have a slight fleck of another color that goes unnoticed until you look at it closely. One of the more prevalent colors that shows up is gold, or a golden yellow. If your brick has flecks of yellow in it, a gold mustard-colored shutter would coordinate nicely.

Wedgwood blue shutters

White brick, or an off-white brick coordinates nicely with Wedgwood blue shutters. This combination is something you will often see in seaside villages and on Cape Cod. The colors lend a nautical flare to a brick home even if it is far from a coastline.

Safe white shutters

You cannot go wrong with white shutters, always a safe bet on a brick house. Once in a while you run across a colored brick that will not aesthetically support a color besides white for the trim and shutters. White is clean, crisp and a great standby color.

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