Most Popular Inside Home Paint Colors

The paint colors you use inside your home have a huge affect on the home's atmosphere or mood, and can mean the difference between a space that is warm and inviting and a space that is cold and dreary. Whether you are remodeling an existing home or moving into a new one, selecting the right inside home paint colors is an important decision—and a difficult one to undo. Being aware of some of the most popular options can help guide your decision-making process.


Off-white walls are neutral just like white walls, but they provide an extra bit of warmth.

According to Happy Living Magazine, white is the most popular color for interior walls. In addition to blending well with all color schemes, the natural brightness of white helps illuminate interior spaces, and its association with snow and milk evoke feelings of freshness and vitality. Incorporating white walls into your interior design can also make small, cramped spaces appear larger and more open. Make sure not to overuse the color inside your home—too much white can make spaces appear stark and unwelcoming.


Off-white refers to a variety of different shades that approach, or are nearly, white. In most instances, manufacturers tinge off-white paints with yellow, brown or gray pigments. Off-whites are popular because they give spaces a hint of warmth that can be lacking with sterile, white walls. In addition, off-whites do not necessarily make spaces seem larger, which is important in rooms that are large and bare. The neutrality of off-white means that it will blend well with a variety of interior color schemes.


According to HGTV, blue is the most popular color among Americans. Blue's availability in several different shades, such as sky blue, navy blue and royal blue, makes it highly versatile as an interior paint color. The color can help evoke feelings of coolness and serenity, and its darker shades have an executive and elegant quality to them. As Happy Living Magazine notes, people most commonly use blue for master bedrooms and for boys’ bedrooms.


Yellow is a warm color that can help promote happiness in interior spaces. As HGTV mentions, gold tones of yellow have an antique quality to them and are popular for giving spaces a touch of the royal treatment; pale, pastel yellows can create joyful backgrounds without being too bright and overbearing. People most commonly use yellow inside the home for kitchen and bathroom walls.

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