Problems with Bed Frames

The bed is a haven where you can go to relax into restful sleep.

Ill-fitting Parts

A bed should represent a place of respite.A bed should represent a place of respite.
Unfortunately, a few aspects of bed ownership can disturb that peace and quiet, causing untold frustration and ongoing headaches. For some occasions, a simple trick will solve the problem. For others, starting over is the only rational choice to make.

Some bed frames, particularly on older beds, may require the homeowner to fit a portion of metal frame into a wooden headboard and then a wooden footboard. Due to warping of the components, this sometimes ceases to proceed smoothly and the pieces stick. Instead of potentially damaging the item by using a hammer to knock it into place, apply a small bit of wax to the metal tongues before inserting them into the grooves in the wood. This doesn't cause the bed to slip apart as--once seated firmly--gravity, the weight of the mattress and the body weight of the people using it all work to hold the parts in place. Once you're ready to disassemble the frame, it should slide apart with slight upward pressure.


Renters sometimes arrive at a new residence only to find their bedding will not fit through narrow staircases, in elevators or into smaller rooms. Smart base metal frames address several of these issues. They disassemble, making the frames easy to move into locations where tight turns or cramped spaces limit access. The base of the frame has no wheels, so it does not slide when in use. The frames are made to eliminate the need for box springs, and they sit high enough off the floor for comfortable use while providing room for storage beneath. Wooden beds with similar construction often rely on loose wooden slats to support the mattress. These can slip out of place and move over time. Steel frames eliminate the need for slats. Adapter kits allow the frames to attach to other headboards and footboards.

Bed Bugs

Bed frames can harbor bed bugs. A resurgence in the population of bed bugs has occurred recently, and they have increasingly become a problem. As the bugs live very close to where their food source is located, bed frames are one location where these blood-feeders hide. Any open crack or crevice in the frame is a spot where the bugs can find shelter between meals. According to the University of Kentucky, bed bugs can hide for over a year without ingesting a meal. You must often take beds apart to inspect for the presence of bugs. Homeowners with a bed bug problem usually require the assistance of a pest control service to treat for the bugs, as the procedure is difficult. Sometimes treatment requires drastic action, including discarding the furnishings involved.