Maytag Atlantis Specifications

Todd Young

Maytag claims that their Atlantis line of washers and dryers are built to last for years of dependability. Maytag is a very well known company in the area of home appliances and has become a trusted name brand. Under their Atlantis line Maytag offers a base washer and a deluxe washer, as well as a matching dryer.

Base Atlantis Washer

Maytag claims their Atlantis series can handle large amounts of laundry like this.

The base model in Maytag's Atlantis series of washers is the model MAV6451AGW. It offers options that you may consider user friendly. Four water temperature combinations are featured, which gives you a broad range of temperatures to wash clothes in. An auto bleach dispenser is another feature. The extra rinse feature allows clothes to get the extra time needed to get off the dirt, grime, and laundry soap before being moved to the dryer. Four different water level settings allow you to control the amount of water needed for different load sizes. A self cleaning lint removal system helps reduce the buildup on your clothes or dryer filter. An extra large lid opening makes placing large items in your washer an easier task. The top and lid is a porcelain enamel, allowing it to resist scraping and damage from spilled bleach or other chemicals.

Deluxe Atlantis Washer

The MAV9750AGW Deluxe Atlantis Washer contains all the same features of the MAV6451AGW with some additional features. Included in this deluxe Atlantis series washer is an extended spin feature. Automatic temperature controls helps regulate the water temperature of your laundry. The washing tub is made of stainless steel and has a lifetime guarantee. The premium Atlantis washer is designed to run more quietly with its Quit Plus silencing system. You will know when the laundry is done because of the end chime. This washer also allows for more types of fabrics with six different wash settings.

Atlantis Dryer

Maytag's dryer in the Atlantis series is the MDE6400AGW. It features a large capacity drum to handle large loads. A large blower circulates air in a diagonal pattern to improve drying, according to Maytag. The Atlantis dryer uses a soft touch lint filter to catch lint missed by the washer and has a sensor dry option. Multiple drying options are featured on this dryer as well as a dura cushion drum to allow for years of tumbling clothes. You may time dry your laundry with either the regular, medium, or delicate temperature settings. You should note that a 20 amp power outlet is required for this dryer to function.