The Advantages of a Commercial Washer

Commercial washers are high capacity washing machines that can be found in most community laundromats. These washers are large and resilient because their heavy duty designs are created to endure a lot of wear. Digital touch controls allow users to easily select wash settings and keep time of wash cycles.

Large Capacity Advantage

High capacity consumer washers are becoming more common in modern households.

Commercial washers have the ability to wash 20 to 80 pounds of clothing or linens, depending on the machine's capacity. A user may place four to eight regular loads of laundry into one commercial washer to run in one cycle. Heavy linens, such as blankets and draperies, can also be placed in these washers without causing damage. The laundry load amount is usually indicated on the left or right corner of the machine to make the user aware of how many loads may be placed inside during one wash cycle.

Energy Efficiency Advantage

A commercial washer's capability to wash larger loads in one wash cycle permits owners to save energy and water, which is good for the environment. According to the Energy Star website, newer commercial washers can use anywhere from 3.7 to 7.5 gallons per wash cycle per cubic feet. This new standard, which was set in to 2007, differs from that of the 2004 standards where commercial washers would use anywhere from 4.3 to 12.9 gallons per wash cycle per cubic foot.

Agitator Free Advantage

A large advantage of most commercial washers is the absence of the machine agitator found inside conventional top load washers. Agitator-free commercial washers allow for more laundry capacity inside the machine and permit items to wash evenly. Delicate clothing is cleaned gently, and entanglement or tearing of fabrics is less likely to occur. Heavier items such as tennis shoes also wash freely without being confined to the bottom of the wash as in top load agitating washing machines.