Specifications of the Maytag RTD 1900

JoAnn Lutmer-Paulson

When people think of quality home appliance companies, Maytag is often high on the list. Maytag has been producing machine feeders, refrigerators, washers and dryers, stoves and ovens, dishwashers and more since 1893. The Maytag RTD1900 was a top-freezer refrigerator that came with a full one-year warranty and a limited five-year warranty. The Maytag RTD 1900 is no longer sold.

Power Requirements

The RTD1900 was designed to operate on a nominal 115 volt, 15 amp, 60 cycle line. This appliance required a separate, grounded circuit that services this item alone; an extension cord should not have been used to power it.

Base Components

The base of the Maytag RTD1900 featured a base grille for the allowance of free flow air. The RTD1900 also came with front and back rollers for ease of movement and cleaning. This unit did not need to be locked into place; however, if the owner desired it, it could have been locked by utilizing its locking feet.

Freezer Features

The freezer of the RTD1900 was located at the top of the unit. It came with two adjustable freezer shelves, an ice bin, four twist ice cube trays, two freezer door bins and a freezer light. There was also one 'keeper' for a door bin; 'keepers' helped to secure items in place to prevent movement or spillage while opening or closing the unit.

Refrigerator Features

The interior of the main refrigerator unit featured upfront lighting and a number of storage areas. There were three regular glass shelves, a meat and cheese drawer, two vari crispers (used to control the moisture levels for optimum fruit and vegetable storage), a crisper shelf and a one-bottle wine rack. On the interior of the door were two covered dairy compartments, four adjustable door bins, one keeper for an adjustable bin and one egg cradle for one of the adjustable bins as well. Select RTD1900 models also offered a one-gallon door storage.

Temperature Controls

The temperature of the RTD1900 refrigerator was to be initially set at 5 on the 1-9 point settings. The freezer portion ranged from A to I and was to be set initially at E. The temperature could then be adjusted to suit the owner's needs and preferences but should have only be altered one setting at a time. The 1900 also had an energy saver switch to help prevent moisture from forming on the exterior of the unit. The upfront controls and energy saver switch were located at the top and in the center of the main refrigerator area.