Homemade Teen Decorating Ideas

Lillian Downey

Teens like their bedroom to express their styles and interests. These kids are especially interested in items that remind them of fun times with friends or of their favorite hobbies. Craft-savvy teens have no limit to the projects they can create for their bedroom using little more than leftover craft supplies, magazines, paper and a little imagination.

Beaded Curtain

Beaded curtains can be made with any variety of leftover craft items. Measure the length of your door and then measure as many strands of yarn, ribbon, fishing line, string, etc., that you would like your curtain to have in coordinating lengths. String old beads, fake flowers, drinking straws and even small toys down each strand. When you are done creating the strands, attach each one to the top of the doorway with tacks or nails, or tie them all to a curtain or dowel rod.

Collage Wall

A collage wall can be a colorful and fun statement in a bedroom. Attach a large sheet of paper to the wall, covering a large area. Spray the entire surface of the paper with spray adhesive. Next, cut out images from magazines and catalogs that you find decorative or inspirational and press them to the paper. You can glue each image individually instead of using spray adhesive, although that method takes more time.

Paper Curtain

A paper curtain is a neat project that can cover a window or an entire blank wall. Take old cards, like playing cards, baseball cards or even blank squares of card stock, and punch holes in the middle of them on all 4 sides. Tie the cards together through all four holes with string or ribbon. Tying them together on all four sides rather than just from top to bottom creates a sturdier curtain whose cards will not flip over in the wind. Attach the curtain to the wall with pins or nails, or place it on a curtain rod. You can decorate each card individually, and can even make them from photographs.

Photo Line

A photo line is a creative way for teens to display photos of friends and family. Attach a piece of heavy twine, rope or picture wire from one wall to another with nails or hooks. Attach paper clips, binder clips or clothespins along the length of the line, and attach photos using the clips. When finished, this project will resemble photos hanging on a clothesline or in a dark room.

Block Poster

Block posters require use of a website application (see Resources below) that takes any image and makes it into a poster as large as you would like. Upload a photo or download one from the Internet, then indicate in the application how large you would like the poster. Print the pages on your computer's printer, and assemble them on the wall.

Vinyl Wall Decals

Vinyl wall decals are removable stickers that are made by tracing or drawing an image onto contact paper, cutting them out and sticking them to the wall. Popular designs include trees with scattered leaves, blackbirds on telephone wires and quotations.

Memory Wall

A memory wall consists of a large piece of paper attached to a wall. Each time a friend comes over, he or she writes a message on the paper. As time passes, the wall will become filled with memories. Frame this out with ribbon or wooden molding to create a more finished look.