Jungle Themed Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A jungle-themed bedroom can appeal to males and females of all ages. If you are a nature lover, the theme's green tones and natural elements may create the ideal respite. Personalize the room with images of your favorite animals, along with other jungle-inspired items. Create an ecologically friendly room by using nontoxic paints and live plants.

Natural Elements

Hanging Plant

If you are a nature lover, decorate your room with living plants to create a relaxing retreat.  Hang live plants from ceiling hooks, or set out terra-cotta plant pots.

Fill vases with brightly colored fresh-cut flowers, such as bird of paradise, and place them on your night stand.  Choose natural-looking furniture, such as a matching brown wicker headboard, table and dresser set.

Hang bamboo shades to allow sunlight to filter into your room during the day. 

Think Ecologically

Ecologically friendly decor is perfect for a jungle-themed bedroom.  Paint your walls a fresh green color using nontoxic, low to no VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint.

Replace the flooring with bamboo boards or recycled glass mosaic tiles.  Buy recycled wood furniture that has natural hardware, such as wrought iron handles.

Use a quilt, bedspread or [comforter](https://society6com/comforters?utm_source=SFGHG&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=2232) and sheets made of organic cotton.  Stay aware of current rain forest issues and learn about eco-friendly products (see "Resources" below).

Jungle Wall Mural

A large [wall mural](https://society6com/wall-murals?utm_source=SFGHG&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=5835) featuring jungle-inspired elements will create an instant bedroom theme.  If you are artistic, paint the mural yourself using stencils, colorful paints and various brush sizes.

Paint a light green or blue background, and enhance the walls with large tree images.  Have fun creating the leaves and bark; use sponges to create texture.

For a pop of color, paint orange, red and yellow tropical flowers and parrots.  If you aren't artistic, or if you desire a professional look, hire a local artist to create the mural for you.

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