The Best Way to Clean Diamond Jewelry

Diamond bracelets, rings and necklaces do not look as brilliant when they are dirty.

Gather Supplies

If your ring is so caked with oil and debris that the diamond looks cloudy instead of shiny and sparkling, then maybe a good cleaning would help. Clean jewelry can make your diamonds appear more valuable. .

When you get ready to clean your diamond jewelry, you should have the proper supplies readily available. You will need a shallow dish or bowl, a soft-bristle toothbrush, a mild ammonia or commercial jewelry cleaning solution, tweezers, a lint-free cloth like those used to clean spectacles or camera lenses, and a bowl of fresh, clean rinse water.

Cleaning Area

Your cleaning area should be safe for working with diamond jewelry. The location should have bright lighting so you can easily see the nooks and crevices of the jewelry. The area should not be near vents, sink drains or any other place where you might lose a piece of jewelry while you are cleaning it. Place a clean towel on the table or counter to protect the surface from the cleaning chemicals.

Remove Visible Dirt

Remove anything visible from the diamond jewelry, such as fibers or hairs that may be stuck in the setting or prongs. Use tweezers to reach into tight areas.

Presoak the Jewelry

Rinse the jewelry under warm running water or presoak the pieces in a jewelry cleaner or mild ammonia to remove all the loose dirt. If you choose to rinse the jewelry, place a bowl over the drain so you will not lose any pieces.

Scrub the Diamond and Setting

Gently scrub around the diamond and its setting with the soft-bristle toothbrush. Firmly grip the piece of jewelry as you frequently change the angle of the brush to get into tight crevices. The key to making the diamond stand out is to remove the debris from every crevice of the setting around the diamond. Rinse the jewelry thoroughly.

Dry the Jewelry

Dry diamond jewelry with the lint-free cloth. Use the cloth to polish and buff the piece to gain the maximum shine.

Antique and Heirloom Jewelry

It is best to hand your antique or heirloom diamond jewelry over to a professional to clean. They have specialty tools made specifically for cleaning those types of pieces that may have loose stones or fragile settings.