Where to Buy Recliner Release Parts for Lane

Lane furniture parts are not an item found on a hardware or home improvement store shelf. In fact, parts for Lane furniture will not be found in any store but must be ordered. Depending on the method of purchase (under warranty, second hand), its age, and why the part needs to be replaced, a Lane Furniture dealer may or may not charge for the part.

Contact Original Seller

Retail stores selling Lane recliners are usually Lane dealers. Dealers can handle items under warranty that have a defect. If the item is not under warranty, the dealer can locate parts for the buyer to purchase. Under warranty or not, ask the dealer if he will replace the release part on the recliner---sometimes furniture dealers retain employees that are trained to repair many of the items they sell. Ask the retailer if this is an available service; you will likely be charged for the repairs. Before contacting the Lane dealer, read through the warranty and locate the original purchase receipt and paperwork. This will give the dealer information about the chair's serial number and style type so that parts can be ordered. If the paperwork is not available, examine the underside of the recliner for a serial number or product information.

Call Furniture Repair

Look for a local furniture repair person or service that works on recliners. Check the phone book or online phone directories to locate them. Make a few calls to inquire if they repair recliners and mention the Lane brand. A furniture repair service will be well versed in locating and ordering furniture parts of all types. Second hand and vintage furniture stores may have leads on reliable furniture repair, too. Sometimes furniture hardware manufacturers make generic parts that can be used on many types of furniture. The Thomas Register is a directory of all types of manufacturers found in the U.S. The Thomas Register can be found online or at any public library reference desk---manufacturers are listed by subject.

Find The Manufacturer

Contacting Lane Furniture directly may be the best bet for finding the recliner release part. An e-mail can be sent to the company via its website to request information. The website also provides a list of local retailers that are available to assist with questions about Lane furniture. When providing Lane with information about a parts request, provide a stock/serial number so the correct part can be located and delivered. A local retailer may be able to provide a phone number for Lane Furniture customer service.

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