DIY: Ideas for Redoing an Armoire

Armoires are one of the most essential and versatile pieces of household furniture---usually made with doors and shelves that can be used to store clothes, supplies or electronics.


You can easily take an old armoire and give it a fresh, new look or improve its function through some straightforward design modifications. .

Most armoires have a bar and a large open space for hanging clothing, but you can add more shelf space by removing the bar and installing fixed or adjustable shelves. You can screw metal shelf brackets into the sides of the open space and insert as many shelves as you need.


Repainting an armoire can transform it into a beautiful piece of furniture, as well as hide scrapes or stains. By applying a coat of primer and choosing a color that fits in with your decor, you will change the entire appearance of the piece. Paint the entire armoire one color, or paint the main piece one color and the doors and drawers in a complementary tone.

Glass Cutouts

Give a new visual appeal to your armoire by adding glass cutouts to its doors. There are many types of glass to choose from---for example, bubble or tinted glass. Cut a section of the door and add glass panels cut to fit it. Also consider framing the glass panels with narrow trim or furring strips.

Cabinet Lights

Is your armoire too dark on the inside? Cut a small hole in the back of the armoire and insert a small light bulb collar and bulb inside the cabinet; the light could be powered by a cable with a rotary switch for easy operation. Alternatively, install a battery-powered LED light anywhere you need light in the armoire. This type of light generates less heat than an incandescent bulb and poses less of a fire risk.


If you have a boring-looking armoire, there is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to spruce it up: Add trim pieces to the exterior. After you have bought your trim pieces and painted or stained them to your color choice, affix them to the top of the cabinet or even in a pattern on the largest doors or drawers.

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