Instructions for a Dyson Vacuum

Dyson vacuum is a very powerful cleaning tool and simple to use. Dyson vacuums have a clear easy-to-empty cyclone bin instead of a vacuum bag. The Dyson has a 17-foot long hose that is stored in the handle for using with attachments. It is possible to vacuum the stairs from top to bottom without ever moving the Dyson. There are a few instructions for maintaining your Dyson vacuum and converting from upright vacuuming to using attachments that you should know.

Upright Vacuuming

Unwind the power cord from the handle of your Dyson vacuum and plug the cord into the electrical outlet. Select Carpet or Bare Floor setting on the dial found on the front of the cleaning head. To start vacuuming, pull gently to tilt the handle towards you slightly and push the cleaning head down with your foot to release it. Press the power button, which sits on top of the clean bin mechanism. You are now ready to vacuum.

Using attachments

To release the hose from the handle, press the wand release button located just under the front of the hand grip on the wand. Gently slide the hose down the wand until the end of the hose is at the end of the wand. Press and hold the lock buttons on hose head to remove it from the wand.

There are two way to use attachments. The first method is to put the attachment on the wand. Turn the wand around and slide open the cover on the end. Attach the hose to the wand. Remember to push and hold the lock buttons on the hose head. Slide the attachment on the other end of the wand. The second way to use attachments is to fit the attachment directly on the hose head.

To return to upright vacuuming take the hose off the handle end of the wand and slide the hose up the other end. Remember to push and hold the lock buttons on the hose head. Replace the wand to the vacuum by sliding it into the brackets that holds the handles.

Emptying the clear bin

Unplug your Dyson vacuum. Press the cyclone release button found on the top of the clear bin handle. This releases the clear bin from the main body of the vacuum. Slide and hold the clear bin inside a garbage bag and insert your finger in the release trigger found inside the clear bin handle and pull. The bottom will open and the dirt will spill into the garbage bag. Firmly press the clear bin base to close. Snap the clear bin unit into the Dyson vacuum and continuing vacuuming.

Cleaning the brush bar

With regular use, the brush becomes full of thread or hair. Place a few sheets of newspaper down on your work area. Unplug your Dyson vacuum. Lay the Dyson vacuum on its front and use a coin or large flat head screw driver to remove the soleplate. Remove any obstruction from the brush bar. Using scissors begin cutting the fragments away from the brush bar. The brush is flat, making this procedure easy. Continue removing obstacles until the brush is clean of fragments. This should be done regularly for maintenance.


If there is an obstruction of the brush bar, your Dyson will make an unmistakably loud ratcheting noise. Turn the power off immediately, unplug the machine and lay it on its front. Follow the directions for cleaning the brush bar to solve the problem.