Instructions for a Thermos Gas Grill

Thermos gas grills are produced by Char-Broil and designed for outdoor use. The operating procedure for these grills is very straightforward, consisting of connecting the fuel tank to the grill's intake hose and activating the burners in the proper order. However, it is important that you ensure the tank is properly connected prior to use, to eliminate the risk of a gas leak.

Fuel Tank

Check that the tank is secured to the grill, then turn all of the grill's knobs to the "OFF" position. Turn the tank's knob to the "OFF" position by turning it clockwise as far as it will go. Remove the cap from the fuel tank and insert the nipple end of the grill's regulator into the tank's valve. Hold the regulator steady, ensuring the threads are properly seated, then tighten the plastic nut until the regulator is securely affixed to the tank. Be sure to hand-tighten the nut as much as possible; when you feel resistance from the tank valve, turn the nut another one-half to quarter turn.

Open the tank's valve by turning the knob counterclockwise. If you hear a hissing sound, close the valve immediately and check that the regulator is properly connected. Brush a little soap and water over the three points where the hose connects to the tank and grill. If you see bubbles, turn off the tank valve and check these points for leaks (try tightening the connections).


Open the grill's lid and turn the center knob to the position labeled "HI." Push the button located between the left and center knobs and hold it in place for five seconds. If the burner does not ignite, release the button, turn the knob back to the "OFF" position and wait five minutes before trying again. Once the center burner is lit, you may light the left or right knobs by turning them to the "HI" position.

If you wish to use a match to light the burners, locate the match lighting stick attached to the side of the grill. Place the match in the end of the lighting stick, then insert the stick in the hole on the right side of the grill. Turn the right knob to the "HI" position and the right burner should ignite. You may then light the remaining burners by turning the center knob first, followed by the left knob.

To light the sideburner, lift its lid and turn the sideburner knob to the "HI" position. Press and hold the ignition button until the sideburner ignites (if it fails to ignite, turn off the knob and wait five minutes for the gas to clear before making a second attempt). Alternatively, place a match near the sideburner, then push the knob inwards and turn it counterclockwise; the burner should now ignite.

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