Troubleshooting a Maytag Performa Washer

If your Maytag Performa washer is experiencing problems and you have already verified that it is plugged in and there is power going to the outlet, there are other things to troubleshoot before calling for service.


Read your warranty information before anyone does service work on the appliance, as an unauthorized repair can void a warranty.

If there is not sufficient water coming into the washing machine, check the hot and cold faucets to see that they are both turned completely on. There are screens in the inlet hose and if clogged will inhibit the flow of water. Frozen or kinked water lines will also prevent sufficient water from coming into the machine.

A kinked, frozen or clogged drain hose can prevent water from moving out of the machine. Slow-draining water might be the result of a drain hose placed too high above the floor (more than 96 inches). After making the necessary adjustments reconnect the power and select cycle and press the "Start/Pause" control. If the problem continues, call a repair technician.


When the washing machine fails to drain or spin, check to see if the clothes are balanced. If they have all moved to one location in the washer, they will need to be evenly distributed. A noisy washing machine can be cause by an unbalanced load or by the appliance not being level. The machine may make a sound when air is pulled through the pump when the water is draining; this is normal.


If the door refuses to shut, this may be an indication of a load that is too full. Leaks can be the result of a household leak and not from the appliance, or they could be from an inlet hose where the connection isn't secured sufficiently. Dispensers that appear clogged may be the result of inserting the detergents, softeners or bleach in the wrong dispensers. Check for the correct dispenser. A wet load may be caused by choosing the wrong cycle type for the items. Choose a higher spin speed.

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