What Color Grout to Use With Stainless Steel Tile

Wanda Thibodeaux

Stainless steel tiles are a great option in the home because they are quite durable, easy to clean and because they provide a fresh, modern look. As with any other type of tile, you'll still need to fill in the gaps between steel tiles with grout. Since gray is a color that can work with many different shades, you'll need to look outside the grout for the answer on what color the grout should be with stainless steel tiles.


Color contributes a lot to the atmosphere of a room. If you want a feminine feel to the room, then grout using pastel colors like lavender or pink. If you want the room to feel more masculine, use deeper shades like a nice wine red or burgundy. Just don't use neon colors.

Tile Emphasis

Grout can be used to continue tile patterns or to emphasize them. If you want the steel tile to stand out, use a color that doesn't blend into the gray of the tile. If you want to make the appearance of the tile more neutral, however, then grout with a shade of gray that is as close to your shade of stainless steel as you can.


Grout will collect dirt over time. Contrary to popular belief, dark grout actually shows dirt and spills worse than lighter colored grout. If you don't want to clean very often, keep the grout shade lighter. White grout also shows dirt badly, but it matches just about everything and is classic, so need to decide whether the ability to match is worth the cleaning hassle.

Room Decor

Consider the hues in the room. If there is a lot of one particular color, find a grout color that matches that dominant color. If you've already decorated in a way that the furniture or fixtures of the room match the stainless steel tile, then using the dominant color of the room will not cause clashing problems and instead will simply extend your color scheme onto your floor or walls.

Grout Components

Look at what is in the grout you are considering using with the steel tile. Most grouts from local stores such as Home Depot are just fine to use on steel tile, but some types of grout may contain coloring agents that may not be chemically compatible with the steel. Make sure that you select a color that won't damage the tile. It is also especially important that the grout has a high water resistance (some grouts are graded more for filling rather than leak protection), since steel tiles will rust if the grout cannot keep water from getting underneath or behind the tiles.