The Best Way to Clean an Infrared Grill

You can grill anything and everything on your infrared grill, from steaks to corn on the cob. Infrared grills, like gas and charcoal grills, have to be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep dirt, dust and grime from building up on the grill's surfaces. Cleaning infrared grills doesn't require much. Most food fragments will burn off the grill. For deep cleaning, you only need a stainless-steel wire brush and a soft cloth or rag.

Cleaning a Cold Grill

Clean off all ash, dirt and dust buildup with a stainless-steel wire brush. For stubborn buildup, apply a nonabrasive cleaner to a soft cloth or rag, then scrub the caked-on grime gently. After cleaning your grill, wipe off all cleaner residue with another clean cloth or rag. Do not use a dirty cloth to clean your infrared grill's cooking surface, and stay away from using abrasive cleaners.

If your infrared grill has a "Clean" function, use it after you have cleaned off any loose dust, dirt and grime buildup. Otherwise, run your grill for 10 minutes before placing your meat or other foods on the grill.

Cleaning a Hot Grill

After you are done grilling, leave your infrared grill on, set it on "High," and let it run for 15 minutes so any food fragments can burn off the grates. Then turn off your grill and let it cool for five minutes. Wipe the cooking surface with a clean damp cloth. Make sure the cloth is soft and not a rough rag or towel so you don't scratch your grill's cooking surface.

Cleaning Grill Exterior

To clean your infrared grill's exterior, mix a solution of 1 tbsp. of dishwashing soap and 1/2 gallon of water in a bucket. Use this solution and a soft cloth to clean your grill if it is cast aluminum. For stainless-steel infrared grills, use a all-purpose cleaner and a soft cloth. Do not use an abrasive cleaner on your infrared grill's exterior.

To remove rust, scrub it off with a stiff wire brush and then apply a rust-inhibiting primer (available at hardware and home improvement stores). Then paint your grill with a rust-resistant metal paint.


Before grilling on your infrared grill, wipe its surface with a clean, soft cloth to remove loose dust and dirt. Also, wipe off your grill's handles and sides to remove dust that may have accumulated since the last time you used your grill.

When placing meat and other foods on your infrared grill, try not to spill any marinade and other liquids. If you do spill anything on your grill, wipe it up immediately to keep it from drying and sticking to the grill.

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