Manufactured Home Improvement Grants

Joanne Cichetti

The government of United States is giving away $6 billion in 2009 in the form of government grants as an initiative to help people recover from the economic crisis, according to governmentgrants.com. There are many grant programs being offered and manufactured home improvement grants are one of them. Manufactured homes are usually transportable and are built in factories. The home improvement grants for manufactured homes are mostly being provided by federal and local governments and the requirements for each vary, depending on the location.

Improvements and Repairs

The specific details of requirements are different in each grant; however, generally, each grant allows making repairs and corrections in houses that become health and safety hazards for the environment. For instance, defective plumbing systems including leakage; inoperative drains and water heaters; weather-proofing such as broken doors; leaking roofs and windows; inoperative air conditioning; and installation of fire alarms and smoke detectors can all be funded by these grant programs.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant is required to be a legal United States citizen, according to co.clackamas.or.us. In addition, the specific requirements of each grant program demand that the manufactured home be placed within the premises of the specific county or state. Moreover, it should be suitable enough for rehabilitation and the required repairs must be feasible, too.

Local Government Housing Grants

There are many home improvement grant programs and the eligibility depends on the area of residence. For instance, the mobile home improvement grants being offered in California provide assistance to single-family homeowners or manufactured home owners, according to sdcounty.ca.gov. The grants are only for individuals residing in San Diego County, cities of Coronado, Del Mar, Lemon Grove, Imperial Beach, Solano Beach and Poway. The grants provide money up to $8,000, which is non-repayable. Home Improvement Program (HIP) in Pismo Beach, California provides mobile home grants specifically for people with very low income, according to Pismobeach.org. The funds are granted on a first-come, first-served basis and the maximum amount is up to $20,000. The local government of Oregon offers a Critical Repair Grant program that allows the homeowners to make critical repairs of manufactured homes in trailer parks or mobile homes that do not have any specific location, according to co.clackamas.or.us. The critical repairs refer to the defective conditions of the house, which if left untreated can endanger safety, welfare and health of the occupants.