Homemade Deicer for a Satellite Dish

Sarah Arnette

Ice on a satellite dish can cause interruption of service and poor service. This can cause pictures to break up and Internet connections to break. This is a serious problem for those who live in the northern part of the country. This is also a problem for those individuals who live higher in a building where the air is cooler and the wind is harder.

Deicing a Satellite

Heat is the single most effective method of removing ice from a satellite. This can be achieved by hooking up a heating unit to the satellite or by using a heat gun or hair drier on the satellite. Products for ice removal such as salt and alcohol are not recommended as they can damage the complex equipment that make the satellite work.

Ice Prevention

Preventing ice build up on a satellite is much better than trying to remove or deice the satellite. Due to the way that satellites work, a satellite cover is the most effective way to prevent ice build up on a satellite. These covers can be made of just about any material that is waterproof, although reflective materials are not suggested. These covers can be slid right over the satellite and secured to the base of the satellite.

Satellite Covers

Satellite covers can be purchased at decent price, however, they are also surprisingly easy to make. A plastic bag can be used as a very effective satellite cover. Other materials that can be used include rubber and vinyl materials. These can be decorated with a variety of prints that can compliment the home and look very classy.

Simply stitch the satellite cover in a bag shape large enough to cover the satellite with strong enough straps to secure it to the base of the satellite. If sewing is out of one's talent range, using a decorative plastic or rubber bag is another option.