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How to Replace the Light Bulb for the Maytag Range

Kenneth Crawford

Maytag uses a light in the rear oven wall in its gas and electric ranges. The light allows you to view your food while it is cooking. Just like any other light bulb in your home, oven bulbs do go out from time to time. Replacing the light bulb in the Maytag range depends on what type of bulb you have. Gas ranges usually use a 40-watt bulb while the newer electric models use a halogen appliance bulb. It is a good idea to remove the old bulb and take it with you when purchasing a new one. This helps to ensure you purchase the correct bulb for your Maytag range.

  1. Allow the Maytag range to cool completely before removing the bulb. Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.

  2. Open the oven door and remove the upper and lower cooking racks. Inspect the bulb cover on the rear oven wall.

  3. Hold the bulb cover in one hand and slide the wire retainer off the cover with your free hand, if your cover uses a wire retainer. If there is no retainer, grab the edge of the bulb cover with your fingers and pull it straight out.

  4. Turn the bulb counterclockwise with your fingers, if the bulb is a standard 40-watt appliance bulb. Some Maytag ranges use a halogen bulb that simply pulls straight out of the ceramic socket.

  5. Install a new bulb of the same size into your Maytag range. Push the halogen bulb into the socket until it locks into position. If your range uses a 40-watt bulb, turn it clockwise into the socket until it is hand tight.

  6. Place the cover over the bulb and secure with the wire retainer. For ranges without the wire retainer, simply push the cover into the rear wall until it snaps in place on all four sides.

  7. Insert the cooking racks into the oven and close the door. Plug the power cord back into the wall socket.