How to Make Doorknobs Silent

Bill Varoskovic

A squeaky doorknob can be an annoyance to any household. Whether you are sleeping, trying to work or enjoying a peaceful activity, you do not want someone entering a room to disturb you. Luckily, you can complete most fixes for the problem on your own.

A doorknob may be squeaky for several reasons.

Your doorknob may be loud for several reasons, but experimenting with different solutions will eventually solve the problem.


If parts of the doorknob are too rusted or worn, you may need to replace them.

  1. Spray some lubricant, for example WD-40, onto the latch of the doorknob while turning the handle. The lubricant will get on the latch and work its way inside the doorknob. As doorknobs get older, they may begin to rust, and this solution will make it stop squeaking.

  2. Take apart the doorknob to identify the problem. Remove the screws from the strike plate, and the latch or screw on the handle.

  3. Check each of the parts to see if any debris has gotten inside the doorknob. Wipe down all the parts with a rag.

  4. Lubricate all pieces of the doorknob. If the lubricant did not reach the squeaky part of the doorknob the first time, this will ensure all the parts have been covered.

  5. Reassemble the doorknob. Check if the doorknob still squeaks.

  6. Lower or raise the metal plate attached to the door frame if the latch is not lined up properly. The grinding of the metal latch on the metal plate creates an annoying noise. Unscrew the plate from the door frame and adjust it properly.