How to Paint Flames

How to Paint Flames. Do you want to save money on paying a professional to paint flames on your car, bike or other items? If yes, read on to learn how to paint flames.

Paint Flames
  1. Select the surface you want to draw flames on. Ensure that it is clean before you start working on it.

  2. Draw flames using pencil. You can use flame stencils to ensure uniformity in the image.

  3. Outline the flames with thin masking tape. Start outlining from the top of the flame. Take one flame at a time and complete the entire outline.

  4. Cover the entire surface with TransferRite paper. Make sure you spread the paper evenly on the entire surface.

  5. Wipe out any wrinkles using your thumbs.

  6. Carve out the shape of the flames on the tape using a sharp paper knife.

  7. Peel the TransferRite paper that covers the area of flames.

  8. Take a scouring pad and cut it into small pieces. Use it to rub out the existing paint in the area of the flames.

  9. Check if the TransferRite paper is torn due to scouring. Cover that area with masking tape.

  10. Clean the surface to be painted with a cloth.

  11. Apply primer on the area to be painted and wait until it dries completely.

  12. Select a color for the flames and apply a coat on the surface covered with primer.

  13. Wait until the coat dries and apply a final coat.

  14. Remove the TransferRite paper and the tape slowly. Ensure that you don't peel the paint during the process.

  15. Use an eraser to wipe off all of the pencil marks that are visible on the surface.

  16. Mark the outline of the flames using an oil-based pen. This will even out irregularities on the painted surface. Use a color that contrasts the color of the flames to add to an aesthetic appeal.

  17. Tip

    Use a new table knife to carve the shape of the flames. Used knives may need to be pressed harder, which can damage the surface. Practice with the oil-based pen before using it on the painted surface. You need be at ease while using it. Applying undue pressure at any point can make the pen bleed eventually spoiling the surface to be painted. Outline a small portion at a time. This will ensure a sharper layout. If you don't get TransferRite paper, use broad masking tape instead. Use a spray gun to paint. It ensures the uniform application of paint.