How to Clean a Smoke-Filled Room

Cleaning a smoke-filled room right after a small fire is important. The lingering smoke can cause breathing problems as well as discoloration to the interior walls. With household products, you can remove the smoke and return the room to normal. It is a simple process to clean a smoke-damaged room properly.

  1. Open the window in the room or door to the outside. Place an industrial fan or three box fans in the room. Point them toward the open window or door from inside the room. Let the smoke clear before you return. Breathing in the smoke can cause permanent damage. It may take approximately four to five hours for all the smoke to dissipate.

  2. Fill the bowl or pan with steaming hot water. Dip the washcloth into the bowl and wipe down the walls. Concentrate on the darkened areas. This will take off soot and smoke-related grime.

  3. Spray the darkened areas of the room with Fantastik or other cleaner. Let this soak into the wall for approximately one to two minutes. Rub the area with the damp washcloth. Wring the cloth out frequently. Repeat until the walls are clean from the smoke damage.

  4. Sprinkle carpet deodorizer on the ground. You can use pet or a fragrant deodorizer on the carpet. Let sit for approximately 10 minutes. It will bring the smoke odor out of the carpet fibers. Vacuum the area thoroughly. Repeat two more times.

  5. Spray the room with an air freshener. This will remove the rest of the smoke odor and leave the room smelling fresh.