How to Build a Wooden Magazine Rack

This article will teach you the tools you need and steps you'll take to create a simple "v" shaped wooden magazine rack.

There are so many incredible magazines out there lately and it's easy to collect a stack of ones that you're interested in reading. This minimal magazine rack is a great way to have those magazines within reach while keeping them organized and showing off those gorgeous covers! Follow the tutorial below to make one of your own!

  1. Tightly hold the 9 1/4 inch and 8 1/2 inch boards together lengthwise at a 90 degree angle so the wider board overlaps the shorter to form a "V" shape. Drill pilot holes through the ends of the 9 1/4 inch board and into the 8 1/2 inch board, using a 1/8 inch twist bit. (This will make it easier to screw the boards together without cracking.)

  2. Add a screw at both holes to secure the boards.

  3. Now you will cut a center notch out of the piece of 4 x 4. Begin by measuring and marking a center line across the 4 x 4, at 5 inches from each end. Set your table saw blade for a depth of 2 1/2 inches and adjust the blade to 45 degrees. Before cutting, center the wood so that the tip of the blade will pass right through the center mark. Now make one cut from each end of the wood to create a triangular notch in the center of the 4 x 4.

  4. Paint or stain the 4 x 4, if desired, and let dry. Center the pine board "V" in the notch in the 4 x 4 wooden block and use wood glue to secure it in place. Let dry for 24 hours before using.