How to Clean a Door Ice Dispenser

David McKinney

The look of a sleek, stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator and freezer suffers when there is dirt or lime build-up in the door ice dispenser. Think about how many times an ice dispenser gets used in an average day, and it becomes easy to see the importance of cleaning a door ice dispenser every few weeks.

Fortunately, several ways exist to do the job. Some manufacturers recommend only using mild detergent and water to clean a door ice dispenser, but other basic household commodities also can get the job done in just a few minutes.

  1. Unplug the refrigerator to eliminate any risk of shock. Soak a clean cloth in white vinegar and wring it so the rag is moist. Lay cloth on area that needs cleaned. Leave cloth atop lime deposits for three or four minutes if the layer of lime on the door ice dispenser appears thick.

  2. Wipe away the dirt or lime stains with the cloth. Scrub area with a toothbrush for added help in removing the stains. Use a dry cloth to rub away residue to complete the task.

  3. Consider using a lime remover on the door ice dispenser if vinegar does not work. Swab a small area with the lime remover and allow it to penetrate the dirt and stains for two or three minutes or up to an hour. Wipe away residue with clean cloth.

  4. Clean door ice dispenser with a damp cloth to which a drop or two of liquid dish detergent has been added. Rinse cloth with water to remove soap. Use wet cloth to clean area one last time before drying with a clean cloth.

  5. Plug in refrigerator and freezer. Run the dispenser for 15 or 20 seconds to further eliminate the risk of any lingering chemical residue from the lime remover or liquid dish detergent.


Consider using a battery-powered toothbrush to increase its cleaning effectiveness.