List of Manufactured Home Companies

Misty S. Bledsoe

Manufactured homes have a reputation for protecting the buildings during the building process in controlled environments with indoor facilities around the country.

Each manufactured home company attempts to make the manufactured home company stand unique from its competitors in the building process, homeowner options or quality assurance procedures the manufactured home company has in place.

Champion Homes

Champion Homes was founded in 1953 and primarily focuses on building manufactured and modular homes for both personal and business use. It is a publicly traded company with stock being actively traded on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2001, it was the first manufactured home company to be awarded an Energy Star Certification from the U.S. Department of Energy. Although Champion offers its customers several pre-built designs and floor plans, the company seems to pride itself in providing luxurious options such as the “The Ultimate Kitchen” or a “Suite Retreat” bathroom.

For more information: Champion Enterprises, Inc. 755 West Big Beaver Road Troy, MI 48084-4908 (248) 614-8200 championhomes.net

Palm Harbor Homes

Palm Harbor Homes was founded in 1977 and is also a publicly held company with stock actively traded on NASDAQ. Palm Harbor specializes in allowing customers to have nearly full customization over the design of their homes and mostly focuses in building single-family dwellings. The homes are manufactured in indoor plants and are inspected at each building stage to ensure quality. Palm Harbor Homes seems to focus on making sure their customers are satisfied at each stage, from picking the home to the finance and home installation processes. According to their website, a third party company performs customer surveys as a part of Palm Harbor’s quality control. In 2004 Palm Harbor homes survived Hurricanes Wilma, Jean and Charley.

For more information: Palm Harbor Homes 15303 Dallas Parkway, Suite 800 Addison, TX 75001 (800) 456-8744 palmharbor.com

Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes was founded in 1934. The company's manufactured homes are inspected by a third party company at each stage of building. Clayton Homes offers a trade-in program for older manufactured homes when upgrading to new ones and offers custom manufactured homes that include basements or are two stories rather than just one story.

For more information contact: Clayton Homes P.O. Box 9790 Maryville, TN 37802 (877) 863-7718 claytonhomes.com

All American Homes

All American Homes was founded in 1970 and also is publicly traded selling stock under the ticker symbol COHM according to the All American Homes website. This manufactured home company specializes in green home technology incorporating solar technology as a standard available option for their homes. All American Homes also builds multi-level manufactured homes including apartment complexes.

For more information contact: All American Homes 2831 Dexter Drive Elkhart, IN 46514 (574) 266-2500 allamericanhomes.com